Step 2 - Bulgarian Rose Dew

$ 36.99

Other toners use dozens of chemical ingredients. We only have ONE NATURAL ingredient.

How is our rose toner made? It starts from the most beautiful Bulgarian rose valley in Kazanlak. Millions of fresh summer roses are picked by hand before sunrise each June. The petals are steamed in a huge room. When hot steam reaches the cold ice, little drops of water are formed and collected. The water is then steamed and collected another five times, and becomes the most heavenly fragrant rosewater, super rich in rose essential oil. Try it once and you'll see how your skin becomes silky smooth and soft! 

Ingredient: 100% pure distilled Bulgarian rosewater.

Directions: after cleansing with our Rose Indulgence or Goat Milk Bar, spray generous amount on skin, pat lightly to feel the precious rose oil in product locking in moisture. Can be applied any time as skin toner, make-up saver, or mood booster. For best result, apply our Bulgarian Rose Serum. afterward.

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