What's 100% natural?

How natural is real natural?

Avivia Rose guarantees our product ingredients are 100% natural, which means they either grow on earth (plants, animals) or mined from earth (clay, salt). We don't just ban parabens. We eliminate chemicals altogether. The owners and people of Avivia Rose are so confident about our product quality that use them on ourselves everyday. We only sell products that we feel safe to put on our own skin. 

Most of us love natural stuff. Whether it's food, clothes, beauty or home decoration, natural is becoming more 'in' than ever before in our industrialized world. That's why manufacturers are trying to put the 'natural' stickers on almost everything. However, as the use of the word isn't regulated by law, there are dishonest people who market their products as 'natural' when in fact, 90% of their ingredients are chemicals, leaving only 10% real natural things. 

Would you put stuff like this on your skin? Of course you wouldn't. You shouldn't. Because you know skin is human's largest organ, and what goes on skin goes into body. Why would anyone want to poison themselves?

Unfortunately however, many people are poisoning themselves unconsciously. If you don't believe it, try reading the ingredient list next time you buy a bottle of shower gel, lotion or cream. Those difficult long Latin words usually mean chemical preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, foaming agents, etc., things that are not supposed to be contacted by human. They are there because they cost a lot LESS than real natural ingredients. What makes matters worse is that the law says any cosmetic ingredient of less than 2% total weight doesn't need to be included on label(hello? who made this law?). That makes toxic chemical even less visible to scrutiny.  

Here's a rule of thumb. If there are more than six words we can't read on product's ingredient list, we probably should buy it.  Because really good stuff comes from living things known to human for long.