Story of Avivia Rose

A good company making good products

We're Mina and Avivia, co-owners of Avivia Rose brand. As partners we share faith in many good things in life: hard work, traveling, God's love, NYC's awesome restaurants, etc..We also really enjoy making high-quality natural skincare products.

Two foodies at heart, we believe that just like delicious whole foods give us both good nutrition and feeling of satisfaction, 100% natural skincare ingredients not only nourish our skin, but also bring joy, comfort and relaxation to our mind. That's why we only put highest quality, pure natural ingredients in our products and no chemicals at all. 

By living up to high standard from day one, Avivia Rose has gained a growing number of loyal customers since its birth in 2014. We have had busy moms tell us how Rose Indulgence brighten up their skin and mood every morning; office ladies say our Bulgarian Rose Dew toner keeps their skin softer and smoother than any expensive bottle from Sephora (yes because we're truly 100% natural); Wall Street female executives rave about how Rose Oil Serum soothes their nerves and revives their looks after just 5 hours of sleep in earning seasons; fashion models can't thank us enough for our Blue Ocean Kelp Spa, as it saves their skin after wearing heavy makeup for 18 hrs a day; flight attendants swear by our Emu Cream because it's their best protection against dry air in long-distance flight. 

Hearing back from our customers is the best part of our work. When customers say they look and feel better because of our products, they really make our day. They motivate us to put in more love and hard work into our venture . It's our dream to make every woman (and man) feel healthy, beautiful and confident. 

If healthy beautiful skin is what you want, please give us a try! We are only one email away. Simple contact us here, and send any questions, comments and suggestions. We usually get back within 24 hours. 

Thank you,

Mina and Avivia.