AVIVIA ROSE' Difference From Competitors

At Avivia, we strictly obey rules of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). And on top of them, we stick to our mission to make 100% organic, wholesome products. So we implement our 7 Premium Product Standards (PPS): 

1. Results
Our owners, employees and volunteers test-use our products hundreds of times BEFORE you try it. If they don't show good results on us, we won't use them; if we don't use them ourselves, we don't sell them.

2. Health Benefits
You and your family's health is just as important as ours. And because what goes ON the body goes IN the body, we make sure our ingredients enhance you and your loved ones' health, and let you shine from inside out. 

3. Natural Resources
Our product ingredients are 100%  natural or USDA certified organic. We only process them minimally to ensure nature's powerful nutrients are intact. 

4. Chemical Additives 
We have ZERO tolerance for chemical additives, including but not limited to parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates. We suggest customers to check each ingredient listed on any personal care product. 

5. Preservatives 
We don't use preservatives. Our products contain natural anti-bacteria ingredients effective for about a year. However, we recommend customers to finish using them within 6 months after opening.

6. Fragrance 
We have ZERO tolerance for synthetic fragrance. We only use 100% organic essential oils extracted from flowers and plants. Because synthetic fragrance is made from petrochemicals and clinically proven to cause hormone disorder, reproductive malfunction, and liver and breast cancer. If a product's ingredient list has the word 'fragrance', leave it! it's really 'cancer-in-a-jar'.  Read about dangers of synthetic fragrance here.

7. Environmental Benefits
Safe production and natural ingredients are especially important for environment, because eventually everything will be released into nature through sewage and solid waste. In order not to create hazards for our environment, our products are biodegradable. Our packages are recyclable, too.