Special Treat 3 - Blue Ocean Brightening SPA

$ 49.99

Venus was born from sea. So was our special Spa.

When Botticelli painted the famous Birth Of Venus in the 15th century, he must have known there are more beauty secrets in ocean than man can image - why else would the Goddess of beauty of love emerge from sea?  Native to western Canada and US, sea kelp (brown algae) is so far the smartest, most nutritious balancing food for skin. It can help oily skin to slow down oil production, as well as dry skin to attract and lock in moisture. It also minimizes pores, smooths away fine lines and brightens up skin tone.  

Ingredients: Fresh organic phaeophyceae (kelp) powder, natural pearl powder, natural rice enzyme , natural white willow bark extract

DirectionsMix one teaspoon of product and equal amount of water; apply on skin and massage gently for 2-3 minutes; rinse with water. Ideal for both oily and dry skin (because it's smart!)


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