Special Treat - Super Soft Emu Cream

$ 59.99

Every smart girl has her secret for young skin. 

This product is a favor of fashion models, flight attendants and all girls with dry skin. Because it can keep our skin juicy soft in any harmful environment: heavy makeup, long and dry flight, or  dry wind from air conditioner. Emu is the wonder bird from Australian desert, where it can survive 50+ days without food or water, living solely on its body fat. Our Emu Cream is super rich in natural collagen, vitamin E, Omega 3,6,9, providing complete nutrition for our skin. It can also heal cuts, burns, scars and stretch marks.  

Ingredient: 100% AAA grade emu cream

Directions: apply freely before day lotion or makeup. Can also be applied at night as moisturizer. For best result, pair with our 100% natural goat milk soap. 

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