Strong Roots Shampoo

$ 59.99

We all love to tango through with a full head of beautiful hair. That’s why we created this awesome shampoo to strengthen up your hair roots.

Avivia Organics Strong Roots Shampoo is undoubtedly a favorite among our loyal customers. Not only because it’s made with 100% natural ingredients from such pristine places like Ivory Coast in Africa, but also that it makes our scalp totally clean, fresh, and BREATHING! We mean it—If you could just give your precious head a few more minutes’ rub with this shampoo, you can FEEL how coconut water sifts through pores, how creamy shea-turned soap touches the hair, and how African ginger stimulates your roots, AND your spirit!

Key ingredients: Zingiber officinale (ginger) aqueous extract, saponified coconut oil soap, coconut water, panthenol 

Direction: Apply to wet hair and massage into rich lather. Rinse thoroughly and condition with Avivia Organics hair products. 

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